Dream No Little Dreams
by Al Johnson

“This is an intensely personal account of a remarkable government. Al Johnson was present at the creation, and for nearly two decades after, as the Douglas Government set about not just reforming but revolutionizing Canadian understanding of the meaning of modern government.”

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A.W. Johnson book title.

Al Johnson, C.C.

A.W. (Al) Johnson was one of Canada’s pre-eminent public servants through five careers spanning the last half of the twentieth century, associated with Premier Douglas of Saskatchewan, Canadian Prime Ministers Pearson and Trudeau, and Nelson Mandela of South Africa; and with issues from public finance to federalism, social policy, education and broadcasting. Throughout, Johnson was a prolific analyst of government and public policy. This web site brings together and makes accessible a growing selection of these writings.

“Al Johnson…was one of the greatest public servants in the history of our country” Stéphane Dion, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Government of Canada, 2001.