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B.A. (Political Science and History), University of Saskatchewan
M.A. (Public Administration), University of Toronto
M.P.A. (Public Administration), Harvard University
Ph.D. (Political Economy and Government), Harvard University




Provincial Government
19 years in the Public Service of the Province of Saskatchewan, 12 of them as Deputy Minister of Finance
National Government
11 years in the Public Service of Canada, as follows:

4 years Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance in charge of Federal-Provincial Relations, Government of Canada

2 years as Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister on the Constitution

3 years as Deputy Minister of the Treasury Board, Government of Canada
3 years as Deputy Minister of National Welfare, Government of Canada




Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

1975-1982 7 years as President of the CBC




University & Research

9 years as a University Professor and Senior Fellow

1982-1983 Skelton Clark Fellow, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
1983-1989 Professor of Political Science (Public Policy), University of Toronto Toronto, Canada
1989-1991 Senior Research Fellow, Canadian Centre for Management Development, Ottawa, Canada



International Work

February 1993-1999 Developed and Directed the CIDA/IDRC Program on Governance, South Africa
July/November 1992 Head of Mission to South Africa on Public Administration Canadian International Development Agency
September 1991 Head of Mission to Indonesia on Administrative Modernization Canadian International Development Agency
July/August 1988 International Monetary Fund: Special Advisor on National-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements in Indonesia





1997 Order of Canada (Companion)
1989 Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
2000 “A.W. Johnson Distinguished Chair” established in Saskatchewan’s Department of Finance
1999 Doctor of Laws (honoris causa), Carleton University
1996 Honoured by Canadian Public Policy Forum for his years of public service
1992 Doctor of Laws (honoris causa), Queen’s University
1982 Doctor of Laws (honoris causa), Mount Allison University
1978 Doctor of Laws (honoris causa), University of Saskatchewan
1977 Doctor of Laws (honoris causa), University of Regina
1976 Vanier Medal, Institute of Public Administration of Canada
1975 Gold Medal, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada




Boards, Commissions, Institutes and Associations

1992-1993 Chairman, Task Force on University Education in Saskatchewan
1985-1989 President, The Canadian Broadcasting League
1984-1985 Task Force on the Federal Financing of Post-Secondary Education and Research in Canada
1975-1982 Member, Board of Directors of the National Arts Centre
1974-1975 Member, Editorial Board, Canadian Public Policy
1970-1982 Member, National Film Board of Canada
1969-1970 President, Ottawa Political Economy Association
1963-1964 Member, Executive Council, Canadian Political Science Association
1962-1963 President, Institute of Public Administration of Canada
1962 Part-time Member, Research Staff, Royal Commission on Banking and Finance
1957-1964 Member, Board of Directors, University of Saskatchewan Hospital
1952-1964 Member, Board of Governors, University of Saskatchewan

Secretary of the Treasury Board, Government of Saskatchewan

Member, Board of Directors, Government Finance Office, Government of Saskatchewan

Member, Economic Advisory and Planning Board, Government of Saskatchewan
1951-1969 Member, National Council, Institute of Public Administration of Canada




Publications: Monographs

  What is Public Management: an Autobiographical View. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Public Management, May 1993
  Reflections on Administrative Reform in the Government of Canada 1962 - 1991. Ottawa: Auditor General of Canada, October 1992
  Social Policy in Canada: The Past as it Conditions the Future. Ottawa: Institute for Research on Public Policy, October 1987




Publications: Task Force Reports and Technical Reports

  A.W. Johnson, Chair, and Task Force Colleagues, Saskatchewan's Universities: Programs., Governance and Goals. A Task Force Report prepared for the Minister of Education of Saskatchewan, February 1993
  A.W. Johnson, Giving Greater Point and Purpose to the Federal Financing of Post-Secondary Education and Research. A Task Force Report prepared for the Secretary of State of Canada, February 15, 1985
  A.W. Johnson and J.M. Andrews , Provincial and Municipal Governments and the Capital Markets. A staff paper prepared for, and published by, the Royal Commission on Banking and Finance, 1962




Publications: Chapters in Books

  A.W. Johnson, "A National Government in a Federal State", in Duncan Cameron and Miriam Smith (eds.), Constitutional Politics, Toronto: James Lorimer & Company, 1992
  "Free Trade and Cultural Industries", in Marc Gold and David Leyton-Brown (eds.), Trade-Offs on Free Trade: The Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, Toronto: Carswell, 1988
  "The Meech Lake Accord and the Bonds of Nationhood", in K.E. Swinton and C.J. Rogerson. Competing Constitutional Visions: The Meech Lake Accord, Toronto: Carswell, 1988
  "Social Policy in Canada: The Past as it Conditions the Present", in Shirley B. Seward (ed.), The Future of Social Welfare Systems in Canada and the United Kingdom, Ottawa: Institute for Research in Public Policy, 1987
  "Federal-Provincial Fiscal Relations: An Historical Perspective", in David W. Conklin (ed.), Ottawa and the Provinces: The Distribution of Money and Power. A Special Research Report of the Ontario Economic Council, Toronto, 1985
  "The Role of the Deputy Minister", in Kenneth Kernaghan, Public Administration in Canada, Methuen: 1985
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  "The Dynamics of Federalism in Canada", in Peter Meekison (ed.), Canadian Federalism: Myth or Reality, Methuen: 1968
  "The Basis and Effects of Provincial-Municipal Fiscal Decisions", in Inter Government Fiscal Relationships, a monograph published by the Canadian Tax Foundation, pp. 37-76, 1964




Publications: Articles

  "Five Pillars for the Future" (having to do with the Constitution of Canada), The Globe and Mail, Saturday, July 6, 1991
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Publications: Invited Papers in Conference Proceedings

"A Perspective on Social Policy Legislation and Reform", in Alan Green and Nancy Olewiler (eds.), Report on the Policy Forum on Universality of Social Policy in the 1980's, John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy, Queen's University, May 1985
"Response and Concluding Remarks", in Ardeshir Noordik (ed.), Reforming the Financing Arrangement for Post-Secondary Education in Canada. Proceedings of the Ontario Economic Council on the Johnson Report on Federal Financing of Post-Secondary Education and Research, October 1985
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