Anadrol – Oxymetholone: Post Cycle Therapy

Anadrol - Oxymetholone Post Cycle Therapy


The steroid was first synthesized in 1960 in an unusual location in Mexico. Oximetalone tablets appeared on the market almost immediately, and the American company Syntex began to release them. During the year, the drug was produced under the name Anadrol-59.
The steroid was originally synthesized to help people fight anemia. It later became clear that, firstly, the oxymetholone steroid is not as good as we would like, and secondly, the market for anemia is full. However, the pharmacological market is not only medicine, the miraculous properties of this drug were very quickly discovered in sports and gradually moved to the armament of athletes. Surprisingly, oxymethalone tablets are still used in medicine, mainly as a drug to suppress HIV-infected muscle loss.

If we talk about the structure and properties of the action of drugs, then here too everything is remarkable, as in the history of their occurrence, not in a negative, but in an extraordinary sense. The molecular structure of oxymethalon is very similar to that of Stanozolol. The reason for the similarity of steroids was the desire to eliminate the aromatization of their products by Mexican and American manufacturers of Syntex.

However, not everything is as pink as it turned out, oxymetalon has high progestin activity. More importantly, it is not entirely clear where this undesirable property occurred to many athletes with steroid use, whether the failure is due to an unusual molecular structure, or whether the drug could simply be converted into the female hormone progesterone. All would be fine, but converting just a few drugs to progesterone has proven to be far from the best in heavy sports. Many athletes choose to purchase other pharmacological drugs, although they are less effective than Oxymetholone pills, which are converted to progesterone.

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The good news is that in modern bodybuilding there are ways to reduce the effects of a steroidal progestogen. For example, to avoid this Oxymetholone deficiency in tablets, Stanozolol could be included in its course. Everyone, even beginners in heavy sports, knows that Stanozolol is a progesterone antagonist. In addition, this combination of steroids greatly enhances the effectiveness of both drugs.

Effects of Оxymetholone

Effects of Оxymetholone
  • Very fast growth of high-quality muscle mass;
  • A small amount of water to increase strength;
  • A large increase in strength;
  • Strong suction, even with a small number of repetitions;
  • Low impact of fat burning on the entire body, even in problem areas;
  • The phenomenon of minimal regeneration (maintains muscle mass, only drains water);
  • Effective anabolic support for the body;
  • The ability to combine Oxa with other steroids.

Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy

Novice chemists were of the opinion that post cycle treatment should not be used if the course is “basic”, short, up to 6 weeks.
Therapy is always needed after the course. And its intensity and duration directly depend on the duration and “seriousness” of the course.
Failure to comply with the PCT will result in significant frustration for the AU, loss of revenues during the course and side effects after the course.

At the end of the course, therapy is required. In addition, you can use the help and the course. In the first case, stop taking tamoxifen, in the second, stop taking mesterolone or gonadotrophin.

After treatment, the process is complex and not limited to the use of an antiestrogen.

The less important are:

  • Proper nutrition (diet)
  • Changes in the training process (adequate training).
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How To Eat With PCT

How To Eat With PCT

If we ate 3 grams or more of protein during the course, our protein intake should be reduced to 1.5-2 grams at the end of the course. There are up to 3 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram.

Carbohydrates are not recommended in the afternoon. Meals should be frequent every 2-2.5 hours.

A particularly recommended PCT supplement are BCAA amino acids before and after training. Creatine and vitamins

Adequate sleep is also very important in PCT. If you have trouble sleeping, buy melatonin, take it as directed, and your sleep will improve.

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